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KMT is one of Israel's most experienced providers of total ICT solutions, founded in 1998. Headquartered in Tel Aviv and operating a private cloud computing platform spanning four continents, KMT delivers a full spectrum of IT, communications and professional services, from IT support and helpdesk through to IT infrastructure and telephony services. KMT's growing Professional Services Division specializes in solution design and delivery and includes an expanding portfolio of cybersecurity services.

KMT's vision is to understand the customer's business need and deliver a customized solution that draws on the complete range of technology solutions, from traditional on-premises ICT through to the latest innovations in virtualization, cloud, voice over IP and robust, military-grade encryption.

Employing only certified technical specialists, KMT was Microsoft’s first Strategic Technology Partner in Israel to implement and provide hosted Skype for Business cloud services. It is also a preferred and certified technology partner in for EMC, Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, VMware Nutanix and Check Point, among other global technology vendors. KMT was selected by Microsoft as one of just three implementation partners for the global launch of Hosted Skype for Business, Microsoft's unified communications and voice over IP service for enterprise customers.

The broad scope of KMT’s technology capability, spanning both IT and telephony solutions, has made it the ICT service provider of choice for indigenous and global companies operating in Israel. In Israel KMT’s customers include the most distinguished local organizations, and via its relationships with global ICT service providers, KMT is the Israel partner servicing Unilever, Deutsche Bank, AIG, J&J, Amgen, Bombardier, VISA, AON, DLA Piper, the US Embassy and the British Consul. From its international offices KMT also serves a growing base of government and private sector clients located in the UK, Asia, Africa and the US.

KMT’s Fields of expertise

  • Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps
  • Consulting & ICT professional Services
  • VoIP


KMT provides its core services in the US, mainly in the east coast, has a base of operations in Miami area and 2 of its global cloud clusters. Among KMT’s American clients are: INVICTA Watch company a $B4 global watch brand group, advanced instrumentation, T.E.H realty (with more than 150 branches), Polygal, Zager watch group and more.

KMT acquired and merged 100% of Experiors, a leading CyberSecurity solution integrator, specialized in conducting large scale cybersecurity projects.

KMT is a founding partner for GSCS’s ground breaking solution in digitizing the billboards market and outdoor campaign planning.

KMT’s E-commerce division, representing and conducting online retail business for leading vendors such ALMI Plastic industries, Glycine, S.Coyfman and more in the US largest market platforms: Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Home depot and more.

KMT acquired and merged 100% of Mobisec, one of Europe’s top 3 (by VMware) leading companies for Unified Endpoint Threat Defense, Enterprise mobility Management, Desktop and Applications Virtualization. Mobisec provides services to large enterprise grade organizations such: ELAL, VISA-CAL, Mizrahi Bank, Post Authority, Brinks, Discount Bank, Electra, Super Pharm, ZIM and more.
One of mobisec’s cutting edge projects was the digital transformation for ELAL, documented as customer success story by VMware Global:
Website: https://www.mobisec.co.il/

Co-Founder of Kazuar - end-to-end hardware and software solution to protect
an organization’s most sensitive information .The solution includes KAZUAR endpoints and KAZUAR Fortress – a secure backend encrypted cloud.
While the solution does not alter the way the organization operates, it does provide intelligence-grade security and offers a level of cyber safety that no combination of existing products can offer.
KAZUAR & Intel: KAZUAR was chosen for its vision and innovative technology, to participate in Intel’s Ingenuity Partner Program (IPP). We have nurtured a close strategic relationship that includes deep technological and business cooperation. This unique relationship allows KAZUAR to leverage Intel’s knowledge and reach as it continues to develop and validate new cybersecurity innovations. Kazuar’s team consists of the world’s leading security experts, Amb. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, Prof. Adi Shamir, Ilan Levanon – former head of Tech for ISA, Shimon Erlichman – former CTO for MOSAD.

KMT is the only service provider in Israel and one of the world’s fewest that is certified for both ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO/IEC 27799 (for Health Care Industry) Security Standards.