KMT’s secured private cloud is a dedicated environment that delivers similar advantages to public cloud - including scalability, improved resource utilization and self-service capabilities - while retaining the isolation of single-tenant servers.

KMT’s private secured cloud is located at data centers around the world, across 4 continents. Our private cloud provides strong control and security over its apps, data and systems while offering cloud-like agility.

KMT offers three types of cloud computing, which also includes public clouds and hybrid clouds. KMT offers design, planning, deployment, implementation and Technical Support to public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services®, Microsoft®Azure®, OpenStack® and Google Cloud and provide compute, storage, DRaaS, Remote BackUp and other resources. KMT’s Hybrid clouds services combine a mix of On-Premise, private and public clouds.

Businesses typically use an average of three public clouds and three private clouds. This suggests that, increasingly, medium and large enterprises operate in a multi-cloud world. Private cloud usage, rose significantly last year, from 63% to 77%.

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